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Larimar Earring Set

Larimar Earring Set

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Larimar : The Rare Caribbean Gemstone


Larimar is a semi-precious stone that has only been found in one very small location on the planet, a remote mountain range of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Over the last decade, Larimar has become one of the most sought-after semi-precious gemstones in the world.

 Larimar comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from gentle greens to the deepest blue. The patterns created during the cooling process give larimar its unique appearance, with so much variation that no two pieces are alike. There is a lot of variation in the intensity of color and it is very common to have small areas of deep blue color surrounded by pale white or green area's.

Larimar is highly sought after within the metaphysical community, as Larimar is believed to be a healing stone.

 When placed on the skin, the high vibrational energy of Larimar can help to ease stress and tension and it is said to be excellent for clearing headaches. It is beneficial to the physical body in that it helps throat and cartilage conditions, draws out inflammation and infection, and helps sunburns heal quicker.

Local folklore also says that Larimar has the ability to attract one's soulmate!

Carry larimar around for good luck and wear larimar around your neck to promote clearer communication.


The stone diameter on these earrings are 9 - 9.5mm (0.35-0.37in)
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