Health & Wellbeing - Handcrafted Gemstone Bead Bracelet

Health & Wellbeing - Handcrafted Gemstone Bead Bracelet Jewelry - Shining Gifts

Health & Wellbeing - Handcrafted Gemstone Bead Bracelet

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The Health & Wellbeing Gemstone bracelet is hand made with 8 mm natural gemstones, stainless steel spacer beads, brass tag, and durable elastic cord. Shape, size, color, and pattern may vary slightly. 

Wellbeing is the basis of your existence. Wear this gemstone bracelet to bring attention to your inner strength. You have the energy and willpower to have a healthy mind and body. Without resistance it will flow through you in abundance.

White turquoise is known as a master healing stone due to its calming and positive energy. The healing energy of turquoise can help you raise your vibration to that of strong physical and mental health. 
Amethyst is a protective stone that aids in purifying the mind of stress and anxiety. 
Amazonite is a manifestation stone that will help you heal emotional wounds and eliminate negative thoughts about your physical body.

Affirmaiton: I have complete power over my health and wellbeing. I feel healthy, happy, and transformed.

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