About Us


      We’ve always believed that when it’s time to make someone smile in an instant, nothing compares to giving them a gift they were never expecting. It warms their heart, shows them how much you care, and makes sure they’re smiling for the rest of the day. The only problem is knowing where to shop for that little something special…

 When we went in search of a store that offered quality jewelry and message cards that were truly memorable, we soon realized that if we wanted to find it, we’d have to make it. In that moment Shining Gifts was born, and we haven’t stopped since.

 By combining the perfect gifts for any wife or husband, along with gifts for the whole family and the kids, we’ve created a store that offers you everything you could wish for. Whether you’re shopping for a beautiful necklace, a stylish round pendant, or even a romantic heart pendant, we’re always ready.

 Combine our premium quality products with a level of service that can’t be beat, and you are left with a level of customer satisfaction you can only get from a team that cares as much as you do.


We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Shining Gifts' headquarters are located in Las Vegas, NV. All our jewelry is handcrafted with the utmost attention right here in the USA.