How to clean your silver jewelry, quick and easy guide

How to clean your silver jewelry, quick and easy guide

You may have noticed that after some time, silver (and sterling silver) jewelry start to tarnish, or build-up debris, dirt… This is quite normal and expected, especially if you don’t wear them often. So, in this quick guide, I will show you how you can clean your rings, pendants, or earrings easily.



First of all, let's soak the metals in boiling water, this will help debris and dirt to loosen from the jewelry and will be much easier to clean in the next steps (do not use this method for pearls, or other gemstones, only hard metal). Soak the jewelry in a bowl and pour boiling water. Let it sit there for a few minutes or until the water has cooled off. Once you get the jewelry out of the bowl, gently wipe it off. You should already see a difference!



Place jewelry in a bowl (you can use the same water as in the previous step) and add 1/2 cup vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda. You will see some bubbles. What is interesting with this method is that the bubbles will go in places you wouldn't be able to reach, effectively deep cleaning the jewelry. Let the jewelry soak for 2 to 3 hours before rinsing and polishing. Let dry before putting away.



If after the 2 previous steps your jewelry is still not as shiny as they once were, grab a clean soft-bristle toothbrush and toothpaste. Dilute the toothpaste in water and start gently scrubbing the buildup on your silver jewelry. Rinse with water and wipe clean with a soft microfiber cloth. Let jewelry dry before putting away.

  You should see a major improvement in the appearance and shine of your silver jewelry.


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Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely prevent tarnish on Silver, because the jewelry will still be exposed to air, heat, moisture, etc. But you can take some steps to limit the speed at which it will tarnish.

  1. All jewelry should be stored in anti-tarnish bags in a cool dark place. The lower the humidity, the better. You can add silica gel to the bags (those little packets you find in cracker boxes that absorb moisture). You should avoid leaving the jewelry in your bathroom for that reason. Do not wear your jewelry when taking a shower or bath, this will accelerate the tarnish process. Lastly, in the morning or when going out, put on your jewelry last, once your perfumes and lotions have had time to sink in. 
  2. Wear your jewelry! This is one of the best ways to prevent spots and tarnish. The daily friction of the silver against your skin and clothes will do wonder in keeping your silver bright and shiny.



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